Sewing and Quilting

Understanding your sewing machine

Isn't it frustrating take a sewing class and at the end of the class you still don't understand what to do next??? There is so much to know about!! What is tension and what do bobbins have to do with it? How do presser feet and needles affect your material? It can all be so confusing!!!!

This class will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to comfortably begin sewing your projects! You will learn how to read and cut out patterns, about hems edgings, button holes and zippers, and so much more. You will be provided various materials to practice these techniques to help you complete future projects like a pro!

You will:
-insert a zipper 2 different ways
-make different seams
-work with different materials and various sized needles
-learn how to clean and maintenance your machine
-cut out patterns and understand pattern directions, including the back panel
-sewing terms and definitions
-and much, much more!!!

This is a 4 hour class
Cost: $55

Tools needed
It is highly recommended that if possible your should bring your own machine
Seam ripper
Measuring tape
2 zippers, any size and

All other materials provided


Want to add pizazz to your project? Then this is the class for you! Learn fagoting, corded fagoting, pin-tucked curves and corners, corded pin tucks, hemstitching and more.

If possible, bring your own machine
Cost: $40
2 hour class


<span style="color: #6666cc;"><span class="font-size-l"><strong>CROCHET</strong></span></span>

Crochet classes offered by Cindy Sneed and Jesse Hulse. Learn to make:

  • stuffed characters
  • flowers and embellishments
  • clothing
  • home accessories
  • and doilies with size 10 thread.

Throughout the year we will offer classes on baby clothes, afghans, child and adult sweaters!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we will help you learn new techniques and styles!

Coloring Bag

<span style="color: #6666cc;"><span class="font-size-m"><strong>Coloring Bag</strong></span></span>

Who doesn't love to color? Kids will love carrying this bag around with them to restaurants, appointments and anywhere that they need to be occupied! This cute bag is quick and easy to make. Decorate it for a boy or a girl.

Holds average sized coloring/activity books and crayons or markers.

Needed supplies:
1/3 yard heavy outer material
1/3 yard lining material
Thread to match

Needed tools:
Sewing machine
Seam ripper

Cost: $30
2 & 1/2 hour class

Kids Apron with Crayon Pockets

<span style="color: #6666cc;"><span class="font-size-m"><em><strong>Kids Apron with Crayon Pockets</strong></em></span></span>

Your little one will wear this apron with pride and excitement! You will attach a small pocket and a Crayon pocket, a ruffle, waistband and ties.

Beginner's sewing experience required. This should be cut out before the 1st class meets. Please call with any questions. 931-913-2327

Needed supplies:

  • Pattern: Simplicity 2295
    • Sizes                                    3/4                        5/6                                       7/8
    • 45” material                      ¾ yard                  1 yard                                  1 yard
    • Contrast material 45”      ¾ yard                  7/8 yard                              7/8 yard
  • Thread to match
Needed tools:
  • Sewing machine, if you have one
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Sharp pins

Cost: $35
4 hour class