Oh the happiness in this announcement!!!

Oh the happiness in this announcement!!! It’s been a long spell since we announced we were downsizing BluBearz. Well, it hasn’t gone over very well with some of our devoted customers and students. Still, these past weeks Mikey and I have taken the steps toward downsizing. It’s been a hard and emotional time. We didn’t want to leave BluBearz, but it wasn’t going as we originally envisioned it-creating, making, and teaching in a warm, welcoming place.

Needless to say, Mikey and I were unhappy with what it had turned into. We had become administrative personnel and business planners and our creativity was put on a shelf. There wasn’t time to properly plan for classes or to make the projects that danced in our heads. As we continued to plan our move, we decided to turn it over to God. We have always felt that God led us to BluBearz and so if we listened to Him again, He would guide us as to what we should do as well as how to do it.

So we opened our hearts and minds, as well as our eyes and ears, we waited…then waited some more. In the eleventh hour, God has spoken. BluBearz is staying and will be as it was in the beginning. We will offer classes to all ages, with a broad range of choices. We will be regrouping and planning during April and will be listing new classes soon! Keep watching our webpage and our Facebook page because we have more exciting announcements coming!

God is so kind to us.