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Crafting w/Mikey Sneed
Silver Soldering
Dremel Tool Crafts

Wouldn't these make unique Christmas gifts to be cherished by the receiver for a lifetime? Mikey will teach you to make these adorable projects, or they will be available for purchase soon!

So just what is the difference between welding and silver soldering?

Welding is joining or fusing pieces of metal together after making the metal soft by using heat on the metal.
Soldering is heating metals without melting them and often requires more care.
Silver solder is an alloy (usually a combination of silver, lead and tin) that is  melted between pieces of metal together.
Often the piece will be hammered to bend the metal and frequently the piece will need to be polished to get a smooth finish and shiny luster.

Visit the Welding/Soldering page for details.

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